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How to Do a Chargeback at an Online Casino? Fully Explained

CASINOS Updated on: 29 October 2018

Online casino chargebacks are not easy, as many people who have tried them out can readily tell you.

In case you are not fully aware of what a chargeback is; this is simply a reimbursement made to your account after you cancel a credit card payment or a transaction you made to an online casino or any other institution.

1. Why Ask for a Chargeback?

There are a couple of things that might make you want a chargeback.

For instance, when you make a deposit to a casino and they end up being scammers who want to disappear with your money, you can seek a chargeback.

The Complication

Chargebacks are complicated because they involve two parties with differing opinions on how the payment should be settled.

The casino will not typically want the chargeback effected, if so, they would find less drastic ways to reverse the transaction or issue you a refund. You, on the other hand will essentially be asking for money to be taken from the casino’s account and deposited into your own.

This makes it the bank’s burden to determine who is in the right; and whether a chargeback is justified or now.

Genuineness Matters

I have having to say this, but some gamblers have been known to lose their money through genuine casino gaming, but fail to accept that fact.

This can make them feel “justified” to claim a refund, in which case they might claim a chargeback on any payments they made to the casino. But in most cases, the casino might have gotten your money unfairly. In such a scenario, a chargeback would be your only way out.

Whatever the case, the bank has to determine whether fraudulence has occurred before effecting the chargeback.

But even with genuine reasons, casinos are not very excited about chargebacks, as this can ruin their relationships with payment processors.

Besides, having to refund people’s money is not exactly a profitable business model. So, in short, you might meet with more than a little resistance when you try to make a chargeback on your account when using an online casino.

But let’s forget that for now.

You want a chargeback for a transaction you made to an online casino. How to you go about it? Let’s see.

2. How to Do a Chargeback at an Online Casino

Worst case scenario: you have joined a scamming casino, and have been fraudulently robbed of your money.

Now you want your money back, and your attempts to get the casino to give you back your money has been an exercise in futility.

In short, it’s time to initiate a chargeback process. Here’s the process.

1. You have to be on the right side of the law as well.

For instance, you should be of legal gambling age. Additionally, online gambling, or the form you were seeking at that casino, should not be illegal in your territory.

Long story short: it is very hard to prove that the casino is in the wrong when you yourself are in the wrong.

2. A genuine justification for the chargeback is required.

For instance, saying that the game you played took all the money you had bed on the first try and left your account empty is not going to help you at all.

In fact, in that case, you would be the unfair one because you played but then asked for your money back because you did not win. It’s like buying a soda, drinking it, and then going to demand your money back because you are still thirsty, without obviously been in a position to give back the soda.

However, if you deposited your money, and you tried to make a withdrawal without playing a single game, but the casino would not allow it for reasons that are not above board, then by all means start seeking a chargeback.

3. Seek legal counsel if you are not certain of your decision

But be sure to be smart about about getting your money back.

In general, the money you are seeking should be worth the time, money and effort you are putting into recovering it. It makes no sense to burn hundreds of dollars to get another few hundred dollars or even less.

4. Get in touch with the credit card company.

To a bank, asking of a chargeback means you are dealing with a fraudulent entity.

So, the bank will typically request that you get in touch with the casino first to see if they can reverse the transaction themselves, which would be a less serious issue in comparison to a chargeback.

A chargeback means that the casino might get flagged and even lose the relationship it has with the financial institution in future.

What this means is that a chargeback should be the last resort.

On its part, the casino might also alert other players in the industry of your behavior if you do not seek a chargeback genuinely.

Obviously, casinos will avoid doing any business with you if they have the impression that you request random chargebacks, which can ruin their reputation and threaten their bottom line.

5. Have a chargeback effected

If the bank or credit card issuer accepts your explanation, they will cancel the payment and the money will be put back in your account.

However, before processing a chargeback, the bank will do thorough investigations to prove that you have been treated unfairly, and that you deserve the chargeback.

So, there has to be a reason behind the chargeback, which means your claim has to be backed by facts.

3. Genuine Reasons to Claim a Chargeback

Here are some genuine reasons to claim a chargeback.

1. If you have been charged for something you did not receive, it could be a product or a service. For instance, you should not lose your money at a casino without having played any game.

2. If you the transaction was duplicated on your statement, and yet did not appear on your casino account.

3. In case the payment you made ended up on a different account from that which the casino should have given you.

More On Chargebacks

Chargeback take about 14 days to process though. So, don’t expect to see the money back in your account in an instant.

Also, understand that the back will contact the casino, or at least make an attempt to make contact with the casino to straighten out all the facts before making the chargeback in your favor.

Tips for Claiming Chargebacks

Before requesting a chargeback, you might also want to get in touch with the bank to find out what their chargeback policy is like.

This information can help you understand whether you have a case and whether the bank is in a position to help you. These policies can also help you draft your chargeback claim better to improve your chances of getting the money you seek.

But if this process proves challenging, you can always get legal assistance.

Also, you should start the chargeback process 75 to 120 days after the issue has come up, in the case of Visa. Waiting requirements are different for other forms of payment processing. So, you need to be aware of how long you need to wait before starting the process to avoid getting facing any time barriers to your claim.

4. Conclusion

Yes, you can initiate chargebacks for payments made to your casino.

And yes, no casino is usually happy about this. In fact, I am pretty sure online gamblers do not initiate chargebacks from a point of deep satisfaction and happiness either.

In all honestly, chargebacks are best avoided, they have immense potential to harm the casino and your reputation as a online gambler in a big way.

So, don’t go asking for chargebacks for emotional reasons. However bad of a gaming session you had.

But if you are justified in seeking a chargeback, and my belief is that you are, above are ways you can go about it.

The important thing is to have a legitimate claim that can prove fraudulence or a broken promise. Otherwise, you might not only lose the payment dispute, but your money and your online gambling reputation as well.