Best Online Casino Bonus Code List 2018

BONUSES Updated on: 31 August 2018

Here is a list of the best casinos in the world, and the bonuses they are currently offering. These casinos offer an online gambling experience unlike anything you have seen anywhere else on the web. Beyond that, you are perfectly safe dealing with them and using their services. Alongside each casino is a bonus code for a promotion they are running; and as you can see, some of the bonuses are quite lucrative, and you could get thousands of dollars in free money.

1. How do Online Casino Bonus Codes Work?

Competition for online gamblers is fierce. Understandably, it takes a little more effort for a casino to convince people like you and me that choosing to play casino games with them is the way to go; hence the numerous casino bonuses.

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What Are Casino Bonuses?

A casino bonus in most cases refers to the extra money a casino gives you for opening and funding your account, reloading your account, referring your friends, or using a particular payment method. With slot games, the bonus could even be free spins, but with blackjack, bonuses are usually monetary. These bonuses are given to both new and current members of the casino.

How Do They Work?

As already mentioned, a bonus is tied to a certain action on your part. You will get a bonus because you have opened an account, made a deposit, or referred someone to that casino. From there, you might be required to do a few other things before you can actually call that money your own. After you have met all the stipulations for clearing the bonus, then the bonus becomes real money you can withdraw from your casino account.

How Can A Casino Afford To Give Out Bonuses?

When you come to think of it, a casino offering a bonus is essentially giving away free money. But why would it do that, even if it is just the cost of getting a client? There are a number of reasons why a casino can afford to give a bonus to practically anybody who chooses to open an account with them. For one, casino games are rigged in the casino’s favor.

This house edge, however negligible it might seem to a casual gambler, is actually large enough for a casino to make millions out of its customers over time. Therefore, the casino will eventually recover any money it has given its customers in form of bonuses. Furthermore, the average gambler will lose money, and playing with money obtained in the way of a casino bonus does nothing to change this fact.

Also, even after a casino has given lots of people bonuses, withdrawals cannot be made immediately. You will have to meet certain conditions before you can have full access to this money and withdraw it for other uses. For instance, a deposit might be necessary. Then you might be required to place some wagers in order to make the bonus money real and withdrawable. And that is if you are lucky to have any of it left by the time you meet the casino’s bonus clearing requirements, which typically have a wagering obligation.

As for the deposit requirement, the casino will have a shot at your money when you make a deposit because you are more than likely to use it to place your wagers. Furthermore, they know that once they give most people the ‘free money’ as a bonus, these people will feel like the money is not theirs. Consequently, their gambling will be less cautious, and with time, they will find themselves having lost their bonuses and the deposits as well.

Types Of Bonuses

Match Bonus/Welcome Bonus

Here, you get a bonus matching your initial deposit. This being the first bonus a casino gives you, it is often called the welcome bonus to differentiate it from subsequent bonuses given for reloading your account. Most casinos offer a 100% deposit bonus, which means your account will be credited with $1,000 if you make a deposit worth $500.

Reload Bonus

Some casinos will not just give you bonuses to attract you to their services, but also to keep you as a customer. That is what reload bonuses are all about. With these bonuses, you will get a bonus for every deposit you make after the initial deposit. The bonus percentage is usually not as high as the welcome bonus, but it can represent a few hundred dollars, and over time, the total money received in form of reload bonuses can be quite large.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus does not require you to make a deposit to get free money. Usually, all you need to do is refer someone to open an account with the casino, which earns you a commission you can use to play and make real money.

Special Payment Bonus

Casinos will favor some payment modes over others, even when trying to offer you as many payment processing methods as possible. So, making a deposit through a wire transfer, or some other payment mode, might entitle you to a bonus. This kind of bonus is typically in the 10 to 15 percent range.

Bonus Codes

What They Are?

As you have already discovered, casinos will offer you a chance to ‘claim’ your bonus. This means that even though a certain bonus is being offered to clients, you don’t automatically get it for meeting the qualifications necessary. To claim this bonus, you will need to provide a series of letters and numbers, or even a word. This is what is called a bonus code. Not all casinos use bonus codes, but the best in the industry typically do.

Even with welcome bonuses, you might need to provide a promotional code, otherwise known as a bonus code, in order to get the bonus being awarded. Forgetting to provide the coupon code would literally deny you the chance to benefit from the bonus the casino is offering. This is why you have a casino’s promotional code to receive the related bonus.

The coupon codes only relate to a given bonus. So, a casino that is offering various forms of bonuses will have different bonus codes for each of them. For instance, a casino can have a bonus code that gets you a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, and another that gives you a different bonus percentage when making a deposit to play a particular casino game such as blackjack.

Where You Can Get The Best Bonus Codes?

If you want to get your hands on the most lucrative bonus codes casinos are offering, then you will love the codes I list here at Gamble711. In addition to giving you the names of the best casinos, I have also gathered the bonus codes to their most rewarding promotions.

From the dozen or so casinos listed here, you can get matching promotional codes to win bonuses worth thousands of dollars. Besides getting these great bonuses, I can also tell you that you will love playing at these casinos because their games are fair, their reputation and regulation solid, and their terms and conditions accommodating.

You should note that the most rewarding bonuses are for making deposits, especially when joining exclusive membership categories within the casino in question. No deposit bonus codes are also available, but these are generally not as lucrative. But with enough referrals, the no deposit bonuses could add up to quite a bit of cash.

It might not have crossed your mind before that casinos might require you to use a promotional code to claim even their highly popularized bonuses, but this article should clear this up. And now that you know that bonus amounts vary considerably, even within the same online gambling establishment, you should make sure you take advantage of the most rewarding bonus offers.

Gamble711 has taken the trouble to find the best casinos and their best bonus offers. For this reason, the bonuses you stand to win for using the codes you see on this site might surprise you because typical casino bonuses tend to be much lower. So, go ahead and use the bonus codes listed here, trust me, they are as good as they look.

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