Learn the Rules of Bingo

BINGO Updated on: 6 September 2018

As easy as playing bingo is, don’t rule out the possibility of being confused by this game if you don’t know some of its basics. Actually, ignorance of these rules is part of the reason some people lose when playing bingo. That’s why you should take the time to learn them to avoid making avoidable mistakes as you play this game.

I can assure you that as far as bingo theory goes, knowing the rules of this game is supremely important. This aspect of bingo learning even comes before the need to learn of tips and strategies you can use while playing this game.

Broadly speaking, bingo variations need not be confusing to anybody, they all work under the same basic premise. You simply purchase your card, wait to hear the drawn numbers, and if you match them to those on your card and get a predefined pattern, then you win. That is pretty easy to grasp.

What makes things a little difficult is all the rules in between; rules that most people ignore and end up regretting later on when their indifference costs them money. These are the rules I would like to explore here today and prevent you from being one of the many bingo players who have faced challenges for lack of clear knowledge on the inner workings of this game.

1. How Bingo is Played

Your first step as a bingo player is to purchase the bingo card. It makes no difference if you are playing in a physical casino or an online casino. Your card will have 24 numbers in the case of the 75-ball bingo version or 15 numbers with its 90-ball counterpart. The space at the intersection of the middle row and the middle columns is usually left blank.

Just as a reminder, the 75-ball bingo card will have 5 rows and 5 columns, which means there will be 25 spaces, but one will be left empty because only 24 numbers can appear on this card. As for the 90-ball bingo variant, there will be 9 columns and only 3 rows, but there will only be 15 numbers on the card, which means that some spaces will be left blank. In particular, four spaces in each row will be left empty.

How to Win

As the draw numbers are announced, they should be marked on your card(s). The pattern they form should then be compared to a pattern previously announced by the casino. And if you happen to match any of these patterns, you should yell “Bingo” and claim your winnings. Some patterns have better payouts than others.

Casino-specific Bingo Rules

You should never assume that the rules of playing bingo are similar for all casino establishments; far from it. Each casino introduces its own rules depending on the features that define the bingo game it is offering. This should mean that whenever you are about to play in a new bingo room, you will have to check and see what specific rules the casino uses.

And more importantly, find out how these rules affect your gameplay and winning chances so that you can make the necessary adjustments. Some people have lost their money to ignorance about the specific rules of the bingo room they are using to enjoy this game – make sure you are not one of them.

In case you are wondering how it is possible that the rules for each casino could possibly be different, I will give you an example. For instance, in one casino, you might be required to find a vertical pattern to get the full house win. In another casino, such a pattern may be of less significance, or none at all. In such cases, you might need to form a diagonal or a horizontal pattern. Still, some casinos might require you to find a specific letter pattern, or even a symbol or digit.

Online Bingo Rules

If you thought physical bingo games are simple, you will amazed to learn how much easier it is to play online bingo. First of all, you will not need to travel anywhere to play this game, and that means zero transport expenses. Furthermore, you can play online bingo at any time of the day or night, an option that is not practical in the case of physical bingo games.

However, in other ways, online bingo rules are similar to the rules of physical bingo. Therefore, once you have purchased your virtual bingo ticket, the numbers will be laid out just like they are in a physical bingo ticket. And, just as with physical casinos, you will have to compare these numbers to the drawn numbers to see if you have found a winning pattern.

As you play bingo online, expect other benefits as well. For example, the cards are much cheaper in comparison to physical cards, and that’s mainly because the cost of creating a virtual card is lower than the cost of creating a physical bingo card. So, if you like to play with more cards to improve your chances of winning at bingo, then the online world is the best place to do it.

As for the winning patterns, you will have to check with the specific online casino you are using to see what patterns will win you something and which patterns will leave you empty handed. As I mentioned earlier, there are specific bingo room rules that will determine how you will win when using that particular bingo room.

The same applies to online casinos. You will have to make sure that you understand any casino rules you might be needed to learn as you play bingo in that online casino. Therefore, don’t be content with knowing the basic rules of this game, be on the lookout for other rule variations as well.

Finally, I should tell you that there is more to playing bingo that the basic rules you have just learned about. For instance, you will need to learn of tips and strategies of this game to become a successful bingo player. Luckily for you, you will find all this information right here on Gamble711.