What is Online Bingo and Where to Play it?

BINGO Updated on: 1 September 2018

Bingo has a cult-like following; and while this may come as a surprise to those who haven’t had a chance to play the game, anybody who has had the opportunity to play a round of bingo would immediately understand why it is so popular.

This game offers an uninhibited level of fun and excitement; and the fact that it requires small amounts of money to play while offering a chance to win potentially life-changing sums of money makes it an obvious casino favorite for many people.

In fact, some people don’t even see the game as a regular casino game, and that’s because it is very popular, social, and fun; which is why some legislators have been happy to see it as a lottery played as a game, rather than a regular casino game. Furthermore, the potential winnings for playing this game are immense.

For example, in the UK, people win hundreds of thousands of pounds through bingo jackpots practically every month. A few years earlier, a woman was able to scoop 1.2 million pounds in jackpot winnings; and she was hardly the first to win such a prize. If you find this too good to be true, you are welcome to look it up yourself – it’s all over the internet.

1. Playing Online Bingo

Considering how brilliant this game is, it was probably inevitable that it would eventually end up online, and become a hit in this gambling universe as well. In fact, online bingo rooms have been around for some time now, and they have every legal mandate to offer their services to online gamblers.

These online games are designed just as land-based bingo games are. Actually, the brand names behind real-life bingo games are also responsible for online bingo games. So, if you are thinking of making the switch from offline to online bingo, you will lose nothing in terms of winning odds.

However, unlike the offline version where balls are used to determine winning numbers, the online version of this game relies on a random number generator. But you don’t have to use a computer alone to play bingo, you can also use your phone. In the fact, the number of people playing bingo on their phones is growing, given the high level of convenience this form of gameplay represents.

How Do You Play Bingo Online?

Now that you know about the existence of online bingo, it’s the high time you understood how you can play this game over the internet. I’ll walk you through the basics.

Pick a Bingo Room

Typical of the online world, online bingo comes with plenty of options. Each casino is trying to offer its own version of the game, introducing tweaks here and there to stand out from the competition in a positive manner.

Therefore, you will need to find a online bingo room that best addresses your playing needs. Among other things, you should look at what customers think of that particular bingo room, the sort of gameplay offered, and the kind of jackpots you can look forward to as you play.

Register and Fund your Account

Once you have found the casino of your choice, you can go ahead and open an account, which you can then fund. Many online casinos will accept payments through popular online payment processors such as Skrill and PayPal in addition to options like credit cards and others.

Also, note that it is important that you use accurate personal information as you register, as this will ensure that you can get a payment once you win. You might end up having a hard time proving that the payment should be sent to you otherwise.

Pick the Bingo Game of Your Choice

Many casinos offer different kinds of bingo games, and you have to choose the one you prefer the most and begin playing. Bingo cards cost between $0.01 and $100, and you are not obliged to stick to a given price point.

You can use bingo cards that are best suited to your situation in terms of bankroll and preferred risk tolerance. Ideally, the price of the cards you purchase should be determined by the amount of money you have at your disposal.

How Safe is Online Bingo?

Online bingo is very safe, as long as you play it at the right places. This amounts to finding licensed and regulated casinos when playing this game, and with many countries around the world now firmly in support of online gambling, this should hardly be a stretch.

Still, there are online casinos that offer online bingo without proper regulation; and you have to avoid them to be on the safe side. Truthfully, this situation is inexcusable, considering how easy it is to get licensed as a casino these days. Well-accepted games like bingo have helped online casinos get all the legal support they require.

On the other hand, the games offered at such establishments cannot be expected to be provably fair, which means you will be setting yourself up for exploitation by less than reputable online game providers by signing up. Some of them may have some licenses to show to anyone questioning their legitimacy, but these credentials might be from rogue jurisdictions that don’t seem to care whether the casino’s operations are above board or not.

In Conclusion

If you thought you had to leave your house and visit a local bingo room, then you should be happy to know that you can engage in this exciting game right from the comfort of your own home by signing up with an online casino. Of course, you need to ensure that the casino you are using is properly regulated, and that the games it offers will make the experience fun and rewarding for you.

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