What are Bingo Chat Games?

BINGO Updated on: 6 September 2018

There are many lovable things about bingo, but one of its most beloved features is its social aspect. In a real-life bingo game, you can chat with the players around you. But don’t think for a moment that playing bingo online will completely deprive you of this pleasure. Welcome to the world of online bingo chat games!

With this version of online bingo, you can engage in regular bingo banter. But that’s not all, you will also have a chance to win amazing prizes. These games are free, but the winnings are real. And while many bingo players will not give them a second look, these games can be a great way to have some fun and win some money in the process. In this article, I will talk more about bingo chat games and what it takes to win with this version of online bingo.

1. What are Bingo Chat Games?

There is quite a bit of difference between a bingo chat game and a typical bingo game, even when the bingo game is being offered online. For one thing, you don’t even need to buy a bingo ticket. Bingo chat games are operated like chat rooms, with a moderator and all.

This unique set of requirements makes them a possibility only in the online world. During these games, you can talk to other players, even as the winning numbers are being called out. Participation in these games is also free. These games are offered as chat windows in an online bingo room.

But for some casinos, there is usually a requirement for those who want to take part in these games. For instance, you might be required to register and play real money bingo in the casino’s bingo room to play a bingo chat game.

Why Play Bingo Chat Games?

Besides the fact that this game is free, there is another compelling reason to play chat bingo. The main reason is that with a regular 75/90 ball bingo, you might get too engrossed in the game to enjoy one of its main features – socializing with other players.

With a bingo chat game, you will not be too busy keeping track of your cards to care about what other players have to say. You can chat all you like when playing this game, and win as well. You can also talk about anything, including politics, popular culture and even personal matters.

As a newbie, these games give you the chance to learn the ropes from players who are eager to share their knowledge of the game with anyone who has the time to listen. The moderators are usually also quite welcoming, and they should make the game a lot more engaging for you.

Furthermore, if you feel like the typical bingo game is getting too competitive for your liking, a bingo chat game is the way to go. The laid back attitude makes it much more fun to play, and this enhances the social interaction between the players. And let’s be honest, that’s what bingo chat games are all about.

Types of Bingo Chat Games

Each bingo room seems to have its own kind of bingo chat games. But these games can be classed into three main categories: trivia games, number games, and buddy games. From there, each casino introduces its own unique tweaks to the game variant it chooses to offer its players.

Trivia Games

Most people seem to prefer this category of bingo chat games; and the reasons are very clear. The main reason is that you have great control over how well you do when playing this game, because this is technically a game where knowledge and creativity are richly rewarded. The game also proceeds at a brisk pace, and that makes it very exciting.

Trivia games cover a variety of topics. The subject could be history, sports, music, popular culture, science, famous people and so forth. This game requires that you give your answer as soon as possible, because if another player provides the correct answer before you, then you will lose even if you have the right answer. Giving your answer requires that you type it in the chat window.

Number Games

These games have a lot more to do with chance, and maybe having a good memory. Basically, this game will require you to guess what number is about to be called out next. You could also be called upon to remember the first number that was called out.

Buddy Games

As per its name, this bingo game requires the input of another player in the chat room with you so that you can win. Winning boils down to meeting a condition that’s related to that particular player. You could win in any number of ways with this game.

For instance, just having your name begin with the same letter as the player who won the last round of bingo could make you the winner. There are several other ways you can win with buddy chat games, and the game can get quite exciting.

How to Win Bingo Chat Games

Speed will be one of the most important factors as you play bingo chat games. You have to type very fast, because the first person to give the correct answer is declared the winner in these games.

That said, you also need to ensure that you don’t type with any errors, because these mistakes will make your otherwise correct answer incorrect, and the player who has provided the correctly spelled answer before you will end up winning.

You should also avoid the temptation to multi-task. That means that you should never try to play a bingo chat game if you are already involved in a real-life bingo game. Focus on the game at hand. You might miss out on the bingo jackpot trying to chase a few dollars with the bingo chat game.

Finally, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the particular bingo chat game you are using before you start playing. As I mentioned earlier, each casino introduces its own unique features to the game, and that means that rules can vary quite a bit from one bingo chat game to another.