How to Get the Largest Bingo Bonuses

BINGO Updated on: 6 September 2018

You aren’t always assured of winning when you make the exciting choice to play bingo. That is why I strongly recommend that you give yourself a head start by exploiting the bonuses online casinos offer their players. I think we can all agree that it is sacrilegious in this day and age for an online casino to lack any kind of bonus rewards for its players.

And who says we have to stop there? Why content ourselves with just getting a bonus when we also have the chance to get great bonuses in the process? Today, that is what we are going to discuss – the best bingo bonuses in the world today, and how to get ahold of them.

1. Online Bingo Promotions

Online bingo promotions put lots of money into the hands of regular bingo players. Most casinos run promotions to help first-time players boost their bankrolls as they join their establishments. In fact, the most common condition needed to qualify for the bonus is to make a deposit, usually the first deposit, but at other times a subsequent bonus.

And why would a casino just hand out free money? In a word, to make you attracted to its services. There are far too many casino choices available to an online bingo player. In other words, it’s a buyers’ market. For this reason, a casino has to put in a little effort to ensure visitors taking a look at what they are offering turn into customers.

You can also tell how good a casino is by its bonus programs. The more successful casinos will give the players bigger bonuses. That is the second most important reason you should consider the bonus size you are getting by joining a certain casino besides the fact that a bonus means free money for you.

You might also be wondering, do you need this free money? Yes, more than you think actually. Although you might not be allowed to withdraw this money right away, it will increase your bankroll considerably. This means you can play more freely because you can make bigger bets. Bigger bets will result in bigger wins; and who can say no to that?

Bingo Bonus Types

There are various types of bingo bonuses; and that’s nice, I guess. But this might make things a little hazy when it comes to deciding which bonus to use and which one to pass up on. But this shouldn’t be an issue any more – I am going to explain to you the difference between these bonus types, and you will have an easier time choosing the right flavor for yourself.

The Deposit Bonus

The most popular bonus of all is the first deposit bonus. These bonuses are available to new casino members. They are actually quite lucrative, and you should make sure you get this bonus when you sign up. With some casinos, this bonus is a fixed sum, but with others, it is a percentage sum granted depending on the amount of deposit you make into your account.

The Reload Bonus

Then there is the reload bonus, which you get for making subsequent deposits into your account. Casinos like that you choose to play bingo using their platform again and again, even after you have lost your bankroll or withdrawn all your money. This bonus can get quite lucrative, considering that you can claim it again and again. Therefore, it is worth considering joining a casino that has a reload bonus scheme.

The Referral Bonus

Finally, I will talk about the referral bonus. This is given to people who refer other people to the casino. If you have a network of friends you believe would love to try out a game of bingo, and refer them using a referral link, you can get free money in your account.

This bonus is sometimes called the no-deposit bonus in that you can end up with lots of money in your account without having made a single deposit. The money is usually awarded to you whenever one of your referrals makes a deposit into their accounts.

How to Claim Bingo Bonuses

Nobody will chase you down trying to award you a bonus. You will have to claim it. And not only that, you will have to meet certain conditions before you can justifiably ask for the free money. But this is nothing to worry about, the process of qualifying and claiming a bonus is pretty simple. In fact, the greatest responsibility as far as this task goes could be the effort you need to get a bingo coupon code, also called a bonus code.

And this is the important part; you will need to use this code during the sign up process in the case of the welcome bonus. If you fail to provide this code as you sign up you might miss out on this opportunity for good. And what does this tell you? That you have to get the bonus codes before you even decide to sign up with the casino you are aspiring to join.

Actually, this should serve as a general guideline – always look at the bonuses a casino is offering before you sign up, the most lucrative bonus opportunities will elude you once you have become a full member. As for the bonus codes, they are provided by the casinos themselves. Furthermore, you won’t find them anywhere – they are often exclusive.

So, just because you find lucrative bonus codes on this site, don’t assume you will find them everywhere you go. But the best part about the codes you see here is that they give you access to the best bingo bonuses in the industry. The casinos offering them are really great, and the games they provide, even more so.

Also note that these bonuses don’t run forever. Therefore, as soon as you have the opportunity to claim them, do so because you might come back later to find them gone. So, don’t hesitate to use the bingo casinos you see here as you claim your bonuses – you will get very good bonuses, and a playing experience few other casinos can hope to match.