How to play 90-Ball Bingo Online?

BINGO Updated on: 6 September 2018

90-Ball currently has its greatest market in the UK and Australia. Why currently? Because the popularity of this game is quickly catching on, and the world is taking it up at a remarkable pace. Even in places like US and Canada, where the 75-ball version of this game has a notorious following, 90-ball bingo is making commendable inroads.

In comparison to the 75-ball bingo variants, this bingo version has its moment. The greatest highlight, however, has to be the fact that this game has more lucrative rewards, even though its a bit slower. But with the internet gambling age, this game is enjoying an increasingly diverse following from all around the world. So, you might as well learn more about the 90-ball bingo because as long as you are online bingo player, you will have plenty of opportunities to play this game.

1. How 90-Ball Bingo is Played?

First things first, do you know what a 90-ball ticket looks like? It is a bit different from the 75-ball bingo ticket in the way the numbers are arranged. This ticket consists of nine columns and three rows, which brings the total number of spaces to 27. However, just fifteen spaces are filled with numbers, the rest are left blank. In each row, four spaces are left blank.

There is no telling what numbers you will find on your 90-ball bingo ticket, they are placed there entirely at random. Over the internet, this job is done by a random number generator. After you have purchased your bingo ticket, the next step will be comparing the numbers on your card with those the casino has drawn. The numbers are drawn at random, and like those on your card, they are picked at random from between 1 and 90 numbers.

As each number is called out, it will be marked on your bingo card. And if by the end you end up with a winning pattern, then you will get a payout. But what patterns win, and which patterns don’t? Here is a closer look at how this goes down.

Winning Patterns for 90-Ball Bingo

Your ticket numbers have to form a pattern when compared to the numbers drawn for you to win something. The winning patterns for 90-ball bingo are different from those of the 75-ball version of this game. Because this type of bingo has just 3 rows, in comparison to five rows for the 75-ball bingo, the winning patterns are more limited. Here they are.

Full House

This would be the crème de la crème of 90-ball bingo winnings. A full house means that each of the numbers on your bingo ticket matches those called out in the draw. For this reason, this pattern gets you the best payouts.

One-line Bingo Pattern

As per its name, all the numbers in one of the rows on your bingo ticket will have to match those drawn by the casino. In a physical casino, if that happens, you should shout “BINGO” to get your prize. In some cases, you might get a jackpot win with your one-line bingo win.

Two-line Bingo Pattern

This winning pattern requires that you cover all the numbers in two of the three rows on your bingo ticket. You can play the two-line bingo or the one line bingo. Once you have the one-line winning pattern, you will have to decide whether to keep playing and get the two-line bingo pattern or just claim the prize for the one-line winning pattern.

Winning Tips for 90 Ball Bingo

Find Bingo Rooms/Halls With Less Players

One of the ways you can win more with bingo is to play when there are fewer people in the bingo room. This increases your chances of winning considerably. This is because your odds of winning are as good as the number of cards in the game. So, the more the number of cards in the game, the less your chances of winning.

You see, bingo rooms have to issue the prizes they have advertized during the session, it does not matter how many people are playing. This means that by playing with less people in the bingo room, you will have a better chance of winning. One way to achieve this is to play during the morning hours, because most people like to play in the afternoons.

Playing during the weekdays might also be a good idea as most people prefer to play this game during the weekend. In an online casino, you will have one other upside – you can play in bingo rooms dominated by players in a completely different time zone. For this reason, you will have a chance to play when most of these players are inactive, meaning that there will be less players in the game, and hence, better chances of winning for you.

Buy More Cards At A Time

Another way you can win more with bingo is to buy more cards in one go. The more cards you buy, the better your chances of winning. Still, you should be careful to keep your spending in check, and this means getting cards that have a lower prices so that you can buy more of them without putting your bankroll at risk.

Learn From Other Players

Bingo is a very social game. Even in online bingo rooms, you will have a chance to chat with other players and learn a thing or two about the game. And even if you were to forget about that for a moment, these chats are lots of fun for many people, and they are what makes this game worthwhile for some players.

I have prepared a couple of articles on how to play online bingo and posted them right here on Gamble711. Have a look at them and you will learn more about this game, its history, and how you can win yourself more money as you play. Learning more about this game will also make it a lot more fun for you, and you will eventually appreciate why 90-ball bingo is so irresistible to many people around the world.