How to play 75-Ball Bingo Online?

BINGO Updated on: 6 September 2018

Bingo comes in many flavors, each offering its own unique benefits. You may be comfortable with the version you first learnt about, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if the end game for you is winning, then you will have to take some time and learn of the various kinds of bingo in existence today.

Today, I am going to look at 75-ball bingo, which is immensely popular in the North American countries of Canada and the US. This game is also popular in Europe; and with online gambling, anyone from any corner of the world can now play this game. Playing 75-ball bingo is not only guaranteed to ensure you have the time you your life, it is also a good way to win real money and walk home a bit richer.

1. 75-Ball Bingo

This game involves 75 balls; and that should be pretty obvious considering its name. You can also call them 75 numbers, which is a more fitting description for the online version of the game anyway. Playing this game starts with the player purchasing a card, which has a 5 by 5 grid filled with 24 numbers. If that doesn’t add up, its because one of the spaces is left blank.

The numbers on the card are placed there randomly, using a random number generator. As you will notice, the word bingo has five letters. Each of these letters is meant to represent a column. That’s why the top of the card spells out the word BINGO; and below each letter, there’s a column with five spaces.

And another thing, four of these columns have five numbers selected randomly from a designated group of numbers. One of the columns has just 4 numbers. The first column, or the “B” column, has numbers picked from the first 15 numbers. The “I” column, contains numbers selected from the next 15 numbers (numbers 16 to 30); and so on and so forth until the “O” column with its selection of numbers picked from the last 15 numbers (numbers 61 to 75).

When the draw is made, each of the numbers is called out. For ease, each of the numbers called out is identified with the column it belongs to. For instance, you will hear things like “B8” or “O70” and so forth. Whenever each of these numbers is called out, you are supposed to mark it on your card using a dauber.

How do you know you have won?

So, you have bought your 75-ball bingo card and marked out the numbers as they are being called? But now, how do you know you have won? It’s simple. All that’s left is to identify a previously announced pattern.

This pattern will form out of the numbers called out. There are usually plenty of winning patterns with this game. This is actually part of the appeal of this game. Many casinos have patterns of their own you can use to win. The winning patterns can take the form of specific patterns, horizontal or vertical lines, and so on.

When compared to its 90-ball sibling, this version of bingo is much easier to win. Many people also like the fact that it proceeds at a much faster pace. And just as a note, if you are a beginner, this bingo variant is the easiest you can try. But then again, all bingo variants are simple, which means you won’t notice much of a difference by playing either version.

75-Ball Winning Tips

Random chance will have the greatest impact on your winning odds with this game. That’s part of its design, and quite honestly, the reason many people find it so appealing. But that’s not to say there is nothing you can do to improve your winning odds as you play. On the contrary – there is quite a bit you can do to win.

The first trick is playing with many cards at once. You don’t have to go crazy with it. In fact, when it gets to a point where you cannot keep track of all the cards in your possession, then you should probably take things down a notch and play using a smaller number of cards. But why play with a couple of cards rather than a single card like so many other people?

The reason is simple – you will have more chances of winning this way. In a game of chance such as bingo, a better edge practically spells out the difference between a winning and a losing bingo player.

Again, on the issue of cards, never play with more cards than you can comfortably afford. You should buy cheaper cards if you have to, as long as you don’t spend more money than you need to, or more money than you are comfortable spending during that particular gaming session.

Sure, there might be a trade off when it comes to the size of the payouts when you decide to use cheaper cards, but at least you gameplay will be more fun, not to mention a lot more rewarding over the long term.

It is also important to understand the rules of the bingo room you are using. As I mentioned earlier, each bingo room has it’s own rules regarding winning patterns, and understanding these rules is the first major step to being someone who can win while playing this game. There is simply no room for ignorance in a winning bingo player’s world.

Avoiding unhealthy gambling habits is also key. For instance, if you are not in the right mood, you need to avoid playing any bingo games. That will just be setting yourself up for failure. Also know beforehand how much money you intend to spend during a given playing session.

If things don’t go your way and you end up losing your entire designated bankroll, you should have the discipline to walk away, and without any ill feelings that could ruin your perception or experience of this game.

That’s how easy playing bingo is. As you an see, the potential for having fun with this game is boundless, and the chances of winning enticing. But before you leave to try out your first bingo game, have a look at other guides I have prepared on this subject right here on this site. You will learn of other ways you can win with this game, and enjoy yourself even more as you play.